Nebraska Issues

AAUW – Nebraska advocacy efforts at the state level align with AAUW’s Public Policy Priorities.  For information on establishing these priorities and a 2017-19 summary of them, click here.  AAUW-NE annually reviews bills proposed in the Nebraska Legislative Session and determines its legislative priorities for the session.

AAUW – Nebraska Legislative Notices


2018 Legislative Priorities Summary Report; 2018 Legislative Priorities Final Report
– Feb 6, 2018:  Action Alert and Updates, Make Your Voice Heard, Priorities Update
– Feb 24, 2018:  Action Alerts and Updates, LB295 Talking Points, Priorities Update
– Mar 22, 2018:  Action Alert on LB295, Information on LB295


2017 Legislative Priorities Summary Report; 2017 Legislative Priorities Final Report
– Feb 9, 2017:  Priorities Update
– Mar 5, 2017:  Note to Members and Priorities Updated
– Mar 7, 2017:  Action Alert on LB120 – Family Planning Access Expansion, and LB120 Fact Sheet
– Mar 15, 2017:  Action Alert on LB630 – Independent Public Schools Act
– Mar 30, 2017:  Action Alert on LB441 – Medicaid Expansion Out of Committee
– Apr 2, 2017:  Priorities Update, Bill Watch Update for use in being involved in the priorities.


2016 Legislative Priorities Summary Report; 2016 Legislative Priorities Final Report


2015 Legislative Priorities Summary Report, 2015 Legislative Priorities Final Report


Interested in learning more about AAUW initiatives or getting involved with Nebraska public policy?  Contact AAUW-NE Public Policy Chair, Sapphire Andersen.


AAUW’s Community Action Guide to Mobilize Women Voters

In March 2008 AAUW released a second edition of its well-received publication, Woman-to-Woman Voter Turnout: A Manual for Community-Based Campaigns to Mobilize Women to Vote.  Thanks to critical donor support, this tool is available free online to both AAUW members and coalition partners who are making plans to activate women voters across the country.
AAUW’s Woman-to-Woman Voter Turnout guides advocates step-by-step through planning a campaign, which includes recruiting volunteers, working with publicly available voter registration files to identify drop-off women voters in their community, and contacting those women through canvassing and phone banking.  In addition to the manual, other online tools include nonpartisan voter guide templates, e-cards, position papers, and AAUW’s Congressional Voting Record.
The Woman-to-Woman program also stresses the value of continued outreach to drop-off women voters throughout the year, as well as the importance of educating women about policy issues important to them through public forums, candidate nights, and other community activities.
The methods detailed in the Woman-to-Woman Voter Turnout manual were successfully used by AAUW states and branches in past elections to reach out to women in their communities.
Visit AAUW’s Advocacy Website at to download a copy of the Woman-to-Woman Voter Turnout manual.