Why Join AAUW?

Joining AAUW offers…

  • Opportunities for personal enrichment
  • Interaction/belonging to a group of educated women
  • Expansion of personal/professional networks
  • Smart women/smart causes

Through AAUW…

  • Further develop self-confidence
  • Meet women who serve as role models
  • Hone leadership skills through leadership development program
  • Develop personal and professional skills at workshops, conferences, and conventions
  • Keep current on events and issues of concern to women
  • Make your voice heard on legislative issues at the local, state, and national levels

Possible concerns…

  • What if planning to leave the area in the near future:  AAUW has a network of almost 1000 branches nationwide.  Your membership can be transferred to a branch in your new community.
  • Don’t know anything about AAUW — come visit and find out.

Membership Eligibility…

  • Individual Members:  A graduate holding an associate or equivalent, bachelor’s, or higher degree from a qualified educational institution can join as an individual.
  • Student Affiliates:  An undergraduate student enrolled in a qualified educational institution can join as a student affiliate.
  • College/University Partner Members:  Qualified educational institutions, including two-year and community colleges can join AAUW National as a college/university member and appoint one or two representatives who have the benefits of a National member.  Those representatives can choose to affiliate with AAUW-NE and a branch.


To join one of our branches, please contact the branch directly.  Branch members are also National and AAUW-NE members.

To join at the National and state levels without joining a branch, and for other membership information, contact: AAUW – Omaha Membership Vice President, Cyndi Mattson.