Omaha Branch Leadership

Board of Directors

Executive Committee:

Co-Presidents:  Sapphire Andersen and Alicia Schiller
President Elect:  Martina Clarke-Davis
Program Vice President:  Deborah Ady
Membership Vice President:  Judy Franklin
Communications Vice President:  Kathleen Crawford-Rose
Secretary:  Liz Rea
Finance Officer:  Linda Bors
Director:  Ann Van Hoff

Appointed Officers (Board Positions):

AAUW Funds Chair:  To be announced
College/University Rep:  To be announced
Area Reps:  To be announced

Non-Board Leadership

Bylaws Chair:   Linda Bors
Directory Editor:  Kathleen Crawford-Rose
Social Media Chair:  Sapphire Andersen
Contact Committee Co-Chairs:  Jan Walden and Lou Meyer

Special Assignments

Books Sales:  Beverly Brandt-Motykowski
KIOS Telethon:  Kathleen Crawford-Rose
Sherman School Liaison / Read Across America:  Shirley Carpenter