Lincoln Branch

Programs for 2019-20  

Special Event – October 12, 2019


Feel free to contact President, Arlene Rea, for more information on the branch.

Mission:  To advance gender equity for women and girls through research, education, philanthropy, and advocacy.

Vision:  Equity for all

Inclusion and intersectionality

What We Do:
– Education and Training:  Addressing the barriers and implicit biases that hinder advancement of women
– Economic Security:  Ensuring livelihoods for women
– Leadership:  
Closing the gender gap in leadership positions

Join AAUW-Lincoln!
– We support community efforts through Southeast Community College and the University of Nebraska – Lincoln
– We contribute to AAUW-Funds, which makes the research and fellowships available to women nationally and internationally
– We award fellowships to post graduate students at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln; recent recipients are:  Lynn Matthews – 2017, Elizabeth Low – 2018, Colleen Ray – 2019