AAUW-NE Leadership

State Board of Directors

Executive Committee:
Co-Presidents:  Marilyn Bombac and Denise Britigan
President-Elect:  Gina Ponce
Program Vice President:  Marilyn Grady
Membership Vice President:  Alexandria Hilliard
AAUW Funds Vice President:  Jeene Hobbs
Secretary:  Arlene Rea
Finance Officer:  De Tonack

Appointed Officers:
Bylaws Chair:  Linda Bors
College/University Relations Chair:  Marilyn Grady
Public Policy Chair:  Sapphire Andersen
State Bulletin Editor:  Pam Andersen
Webmaster:  Linda Bors
Past President:  Susan Goos

Branch Presidents:
Blair:  Pam Andersen
Lincoln:  Cheri Karr
Omaha:  Betsy McDaniel

Non-board Chair

Nominating Committee Chair:  Arlene Rea